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Remote support for Operating System related issue
  • Freezing during usage
  • Does not boot to windows
  • Errors during startup or usage
  • Boot up very slow
Phone support for suspected hardware issues
  • No Power
  • No POST
  • No Video
  • LAN/Wi-Fi card not working
Virus, Malware, Spyware removal
  • Installation of anti-virus programs
  • System slow
  • Icons disappeared from desktop
  • IE home page changed
  • System redirects you to a different website
  • And More....
Email configuration
  • Setup Outlook, Outlook express
  • System slow
  • Not able to send/receive email
  • Create new email on web
  • And More....
Internet related issues
  • Wi-Fi setup
  • LAN troubleshooting
  • Data card installation
  • And More....
Installation of microsoft products
  • Installation of Office (word,excel,powerpoint,etc)
  • Installation of operating system
  • And More....
Help on windows usage
  • How to change desktop background
  • How to use device manager
  • How to create partitions
  • How to backup data (we do not backup data)
  • How to search for a file
  • How to burn cds/dvds
  • And More....
Printer configuration
  • Installation of any printer
  • Not able to print
  • And More....
Basic 3rd party software support
  • Help on Skype usage
  • Installation of CAD
  • Help on entertainment
  • Transferring video and audio from camera to PC
  • And More....
Parental Control
  • Setting up check mechanism for children
  • Setting up restrictions for certain websites
  • And More....