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About Us

We provide top of the line Voice Services through our outbound and inbound contact center operations.

Through constant process optimization and by extensive innovations in overall operational strategy, we have been able to make our voice services much more cost effective.

To enhance the growth of the business, it is important to achieve defined goals in an efficient and aggressive manner. This is where we help our clients, by providing all the necessary help to them.

Our voice services can generate extensive value for your business in both business to consumer (b2c) and business to business (b2b) market areas.

We conduct periodic workforce awareness sessions about the products or services of our clients to ensure optimal results with minimal turnaround time.

Remote support for Operating System related issue
  • Freezing during usage
  • Does not boot to windows
  • Errors during startup or usage
  • Boot up very slow
Phone support for suspected hardware issues
  • No Power
  • No POST
  • No Video
  • LAN/Wi-Fi card not working
Virus, Malware, Spyware removal
  • Installation of anti-virus programs
  • System slow
  • Icons disappeared from desktop
  • IE home page changed
  • System redirects you to a different website
  • And More....
Email configuration
  • Setup Outlook, Outlook express
  • System slow
  • Not able to send/receive email
  • Create new email on web
  • And More....
Internet related issues
  • Wi-Fi setup
  • LAN troubleshooting
  • Data card installation
  • And More....
Installation of microsoft products
  • Installation of Office (word,excel,powerpoint,etc)
  • Installation of operating system
  • And More....
Help on windows usage
  • How to change desktop background
  • How to use device manager
  • How to create partitions
  • How to backup data (we do not backup data)
  • How to search for a file
  • How to burn cds/dvds
  • And More....
Printer configuration
  • Installation of any printer
  • Not able to print
  • And More....
Basic 3rd party software support
  • Help on Skype usage
  • Installation of CAD
  • Help on entertainment
  • Transferring video and audio from camera to PC
  • And More....
Parental Control
  • Setting up check mechanism for children
  • Setting up restrictions for certain websites
  • And More....